E-mail blasts have gone out to Seniors and their parents with Scholarship opportunities

The ISAT (Idaho Standards Achievement Tests) completed on May 20th and we are hoping to have all test results available to mail out with report cards in June.  Along with the testing results will be Parent Brochures for the ISAT Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy as well at the Science EOC and ISAT Science for those students that participated in these assessments.  Additional information about the test and FAQs along with helpful resources can be found at: sde.Idaho.gov/assessment/isat-cas/isat/.

If you took the PSAT then your results are now available on line! I’ve included a Youtube link that will walk you through accessing your scores as well as information about what they mean. This new PSAT will show you how you would do if you had taken the SAT on the same day, provide you access to Khan Academy where you will be provided with specific study guides based on how you did in each category. I also have your original text booklet that you can pick up at your convenience. You will not be receiving hard copies of your results as this is now completely on line.
******The CollegeBoard site has been experiencing some problems due to the volume and some students and some have not been able to login to view their scores. If you are not able to access your scores then try the following:
• After students log in to their College Board account, they should click Add Scores. In the Matching Tool, it is essential that the information in their account matches what they entered on their answer sheet. For example, if they put “Elizabeth” on their answer sheet and “Beth” in their account, their scores will not load. If they need to change their name, they must call Customer Service. All other changes can be made right in their account.
• If that still doesn’t populate the scores, the student will be prompted to indicate which test they’re missing and put in their unique access code to assist the match. You can contact me for your specific access code if needed.

The link below is a Parent tutorial for understanding the PSAT:

 PSAT Testing-

Mitzi Vesecky
Adacemic Advisor

2014/15 Dates for the SAT
November 7th (deadline to register is Oct 9th)
December 5th (deadline to register is Nov. 5th)
January 23rd (deadline to register is Dec. 28th)
March 5th (deadline to register is Feb.5th)
May 7th (deadline to register is Apr. 8th)
June 4th (deadline to register is May 5th)