Advisory Clubs: Clubs meet on Thursdays during advisory.

Magic: The Gathering: Students play the card game Magic the Gathering.
Interact: This is a student led club that partners with Rotary to plan and complete local and international service projects.
Reading: Students read self-selected items for 20-30 minutes.
Chess: Students play chess as individual games, and occasionally as tournaments.
Art: Students work independently and in small groups on self-selected projects and assignments. Art club is also responsible for updating the chalkboard in the uncommons.
Oregon Coast Trip: A club for students who are interested in raising money towards a trip to the Oregon Coast.
Student Council
Sports: Students play various physical activity sports.

Student-led Clubs: Clubs meet during non-instructional times.  These clubs are student-led with a staff advisor.

Game Club: Students play various types of board and card games that are not related to technology.
Drama Club: Students practice and perform drama productions. This club meets only when a production is being done.