We create innovative learning opportunities by fostering community, individuality, and imagination.

To fulfill this mission we:

    • Limit our community to approximately 50 students at each of the middle and high school grade levels, 6-12 (prospective enrollment of 350 students, not to exceed 400 total). (Actual grade level enrollments may vary) Provide each student with at least one positive adult adviser/advocate to support student success.
    • Provide students access to innovative pathways, maximizing their post-secondary academic and career opportunities.
    • Facilitate a positive and safe community culture by fostering accountability through high behavioral standards and academic success through integration and project-based learning.
    • Focus on student-family-teacher relationships.
    • Embrace the needs of the student body as the primary focus of our school; therefore encouraging individuality.
    • Work in collaborative relationships within and outside of the school to promote leadership and mentoring partnerships, and service the greater community.
    • Actively encourage creativity and fun within our school.